About us

33 years ago, in 1984 Mr Michalis Christodoulakis started engaging actively in commerce in a beautiful, scenic village in the south of Rethymno, in Leykogeia. His only care was his customers and how to offer them fresh, quality and above all economic products.

As the years were passing by, his concern was to make his sons, Yorgos and Kostis Christodoulakis, his worthy holdovers. They have managed with their new view in the business to create two new supermarkets in the area of Plakias, in the municipality of Agios Vasileios, in the south of Rethymno and to rekindle the existing store in the area of Leykogeia.
Lovers of the fresh ingredients,  with great zeal and effort the Christodoulakis brothers have followed their father’s lessons that the customer always comes first.  They also had the belief that the fresh and pure Greek products should reach in many other areas too.

So, with great desire, willpower and love they created their own “child” in 2013 called: AROMAS OF CRETE with a goal for the company’s products to become well known and reach everywhere around the world. From all over Greece pure, fresh, hard to come by, delightful and tasty and above all, products of high quality have been collected for all of you who have already trusted us or will trust our company in the future. Our goal will always be a healthy wholesale commerce with low prices accessible to each and every one of you!