Our company offers you, honey of biological value, of animal and plant origin.



Kataifi and Baklavas

Recipes from the Middle East combined with fresh Greek products create an unforgettable sweet experience.



A traditional dessert coming from northern Greece, Serres. Based on either buffalo butter or sheep and goat butter it will undoubtedly impress you.




Traditional mouthfuls of sweetness that accompany tastefully your coffee and offer a delight to your palate.


Sesame bars (Pasteli)

A unique and tasteful combination of nuts, sesame and honey


Every kid’s joy and the memories of every elder are gathered in our beloved candy.


Spoon Sweets

Aromas of Crete have discovered the old Grandma’s recipes and presents to you the traditional and renowned spoon sweets.



We understand how important it is to take care of your skin and so we present to you our unique line of care, based on biological olive oil.


Spices & herbs

Τhe colours of taste have been concentrated in airtight bags to raise the flavour of your dishes up to a whole new level with these exceptional spices.
Furthermore, we offer you a fine collection of soothing Cretan herbs collected from the Cretan countryside for your beverages.




Crete, the mother of all fruits offers you olives of exceptional quality.




New favourite flavours from fresh, selected Cretan ingredients.



Stevia Jams

A genuine Cretan recipe from fresh fruit with sweetener from Stevia plant




The nectar of Greece, with aniseed as a guide, takes us on a journey to the most beautiful and memorable summers.

Raki and Rakomelo

The hospitable Cretan Raki has hugged the honey and together they bring a unique atmosphere to your home.


The strength of the Cretan land and the taste of the grape are merged to offer you a unique flavour of Red and White wine.



Olive oil

Aromas of Crete with love for the tradition and the customs of Crete offers you extra pure, virgin Cretan olive oil.